April 13, 2012


Lately I have been feeling so inspired, I have been making things from sun up to sun down. I just love it when I am in such a creative groove. Nothing feels better to me, nothing makes me happier. Here's just a peak at what I have been up to...
I'm makin a quilt and I use the term 'quilt' very loosely... It's my first and as always I am just diving in head first and hopefully it comes out decent. I plan to share a few posts on how this process has gone for me since this is really my first experience with 'quilting.' I am being pretty ambitious and making a queen size quilt and half way through cutting 250,000 squares (really 240) I thought I was in over my head but every thing's cut and I'm ready to start crazy stitching them together. Wish me luck!
I'm making some serious progress on my sweet home sweet pillow.
Been plush makin' too! I made a little ghost and a rain cloud. These will be up in the shop very soon if you are interested.  

I'm also working on finishing up a cushion for my trash find chair and I am putting together a quick how-to for that, hopefully it will be finished in the next few days.... Annnd I think that's everything that I am working on.
Are you working on anything special lately?

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