April 10, 2012

Love List #3 - Picnic Dreams

As warm weather approaches I have one thing on my mind, picnics!! I am yearning for a day warm enough to pack up a lunch and head to the park with Jeremy and Domino. Here's a peak inside my picnic dreams...
I'm not normally a pink kinda gal, but this dress is amazing! It's just looks like spring. I love it!  

(Giant Dwarf)
I am obsessing over pretty hair pins lately! This Twinkle Sparkler star from Giant Dwarf is at the top of my wish list!!  
 I spotted these lovely shoes while browsing in Nordstrom a few days ago. They are my dream shoes... They are a little expensive for me but I am saving and hopefully soon these will be permanently strapped to my feet!

In addition to picnics the other thing taking over my thoughts lately is quilting. This gorgeous quilt from SweetPeaandCo is so inspiring and the colors are exactly my taste! Love love love!! I am actually in the process of making my very first quilt but more on that later...

This charming bee ring from emilyeps is great! I love rings and in my fantasy world I have a wonderful collection of them but sadly in reality I have very odd sized fingers and have a hard time finding any that fit properly but a girl can dream, right?? 

This vintage picnic basket perfectly completes my fantasy picnic! And what a fantastic photo!

I hope you enjoyed this Love List, are you dreaming of picnics too?


  1. I have a Sparkler Star from Giant Dwarf! You should get one. They are really neat.

  2. I definitely am too! And I love this list as well. what a stunning hair pin:)