March 3, 2013

Hand Puppet Embroidery

Time really does slip right by and I somehow never remember to blog about it... well here I am trying again.. haha
I just wanted to share a peak at a new series I'm working on right now. These are hand puppet embroideries of some of my original illustrations. This combines 2 of the things I love to do, draw and craft! I don't ever do much with all of my little illustrations so I thought that it'd be a lot of fun to turn them into a series of embroideries. I gotta say I'm pretty happy with how they're coming along and am excited to make a few more!
I haven't quite decided if I'll add this sort of thing to my shop yet, what do you think?
Well, dear friends, I must get back to work now. I have a decent sized update planned for my shop scheduled for March 5 (hopefully) but I'll be back soon to show you what I've been up to. 
Thanks for visiting, I hope you are all well and staying crafty!


  1. I really like these! You might also like Eva's handmade stuff. She has some neat embroidery.

    1. Thanks friend! Love her stuff so much! She's such an inspiration to me :)

  2. Love these hand puppet embroidey!!
    So sweet ♥