June 13, 2012

Home Sweet Home....

So it's finally finished! My very own Home Sweet Home pillow. This pillow was made using the Sweet Home Sweet pattern from Purl Bee. I didn't use the pattern exactly, I really wanted to make this pillow on a budget of less than $20 so I modified the pattern to suite the materials that I found. While I wish I could have used the luxurious Euroflax linen called for in the pattern, I simply can not afford it. I ended up choosing Caron Simply Soft Eco in "natural" which was the only yarn I found that was both similar in color and had that subtle sheen for my teeny tiny budget. This yarn worked nicely, though I do wish I had found something in a smaller weight so I could have used a smaller hook so that my stitches would have been smaller which would have made my letters smaller.

I charted out the words on graph paper. When I was ready to start cross stitching I had to find the center of the fabric. To do that, I folded the fabric in half, folded it in half again and placed a small piece of yarn  in the stitch in the corner to mark the middle of the pillow. I experimented with different strings/yarns for the cross stitching but ended up choosing cotton embroidery thread in red with 2 pieces held together to make it a little bolder.

I sewed it together using a 100% linen fabric for the back that I had already. Somehow during all this the finished pillow ended up being about 2" smaller than it should have been but whatever.. I still like it :)

This was a really fun project and I highly recommend you go and give it a try! I love the whole cross-stitch-on-crochet thing, in fact this project has given me quite a few new ideas using this technique!
Hope you are well! Thanks for stopping by to check out my pillow! <3 Jen

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