May 31, 2012

Humble Makings

Hello there, how have you been lately? Well I hope. I have been good, living in my head mostly. I feel  sometimes I just get lost for weeks at a time there, in my head, thinking and dreaming. Dreaming of moving, dreaming of making a living doing something I feel is worthwhile, thinking about projects and crafts, thinking that I must keep thinking and dreaming and above all trying my best to be positive about life and about my dreams.

I make things because I have to. I make things to make to myself okay. I craft from my heart and for my soul. It's so far beyond a hobby, it is almost spiritual. I think that probably sounds pretty silly but that is how I feel. Sort of like making things, creating something from nothing, is like a meditation.
I don't mean to ramble, but ya know, sometimes you just need to get these sort of things out of your head.

I have been doing quite a bit of making lately,

 Sewing some Little Bears.

This quilted Little Bear is now listed in my shop, if you are interested. I was really thrilled with how this guy turned out.

I made a Rabbit Brooch.

And I embroidered this leaping rabbit in a hand painted striped hoop. I'm apparently going through some sort of rabbit phase...

I am still hard at work on my quilt after taking a break from it. I will share photos and progress updates soon. I am working on so many more things that really don't justify a photo just yet but there will be more to share soon enough.

I also want to say thank you, to you, to everyone who has ever purchased something from me or read my rambley blog or looked at any of my numerous craft photos over many, many years. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.

Always with love,

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