March 13, 2012

Shop Update

This little bear is Lulu. Lulu is a collector of many things.
She is now available in my shop.
I had a lot of fun making her, she made me wish that I had a sweater covered with buttons.
Maybe I will make one? I have seen a few here and there and they always look so darn cute! This could be a great spring project....

 And here's another one of Cecil just cuz.

I will be back tomorrow with my inspiration list! I want to share a little collection of things that I find inspiring and beautiful . It's the first time I will be posting this but I am really excited about it and hope to make it a regular feature on my blog.


  1. These are incredibly adorable...I pretty much need one in my life and I totally just sent my husband a link :) Adorable blog girly! XO Lori