July 29, 2013

Live and Learn

 (Live and Learn Embroidery by me! I'll share some exciting news about this a bit later)
(Early morning sunshine in Harlem. Not sure if I've ever mentioned this before but I love mornings. I love getting up early)
(Annnnd shopping helps all problems. New boots!)
As silly as it sounds I think I often forget to just live. Like to stop and actually take it all in, appreciate it and stop worrying about... well everything. Day to day life offers so much awesomeness and so many lessons. I just don't want to forget how important that is. I want to take things one day at a time, learn everything I can and trust that things will be ok. I'm working on that.  

June 27, 2013

Life lately...

So.. I've been thinking a lot about this blog. I'm not going to make any apologies for not keeping up with it because really who cares, it's just a blog. Buuuut I enjoy blogging so I think I am going to slightly change the direction of this. When I started this I wanted to keep it super strictly about my shop and while I love sharing the things I make and what's happening in my shop that doesn't make it very fun for me to keep up with so I think from now on I'm just going to share whatever I want and not worry about it :)
Life lately has been rough. I'm going through some pretty heavy personal changes and am doing my best to try to keep my head up and learn from this experience.
I thought I would share a few things that are making me smile and because a simple smile has been hard to come by and I really want to savor each and every one. Here are a few ways I fight depression and take care of my mental self...
Paint. I love to paint but don't do it nearly enough. These color smudges really made me feel good.
Get outside. Exploring NYC is super fun but I am a TN girl and I like the woods. Its nice to get lost in a park and discover a cool bit of art as well.
Read. Read books that are inspiring, encouraging and uplifting. If you have any recommendations for things along this line please let me know.
Treat yourself to things that make you smile. I bought this Happy Peanut Charm from Misako Mimoko's etsy shop and how can I not smile when I look at this cute little peanut!
Make stuff. I make stuff all the time but I am really putting in extra effort for my shop these days.
Those are just a few things that have been helping me though this time in my life.
What are some things that help you feel good?

April 16, 2013

Violet the Dress Up Bunny

Meet Violet. She is a dress up rabbit!
I've had this idea in my mind for quite some time now and after working on her for what feels like forever she's finally complete. I'm so happy with how she turned out!
She's listed in my shop now if you're interested.

March 19, 2013

Humble Makings

You're the cat's meow! Humble Kitten now in my shop!
A few striped eggs I made for a friend's daughter's Easter basket.
A new addition to my hand puppet embroidery collection.
Annnd a teeny tiny bear bc why not?
Just a little peek at a few things I've made lately. What have you been making lately?

March 10, 2013


Today has been so relaxing.
I got a few new fabrics I ordered for new bears and other animal friends.
And I made a circle scarf!
I used this tutorial that I found on Pinterest to make mine. The only thing I did differently was I made my scarf 30" wide by 60" long before I folded it in half.
I'm off the do a little cleaning and give the dog a bath. I hope you're having a great and relaxing day too!

March 4, 2013

Daily Joy

This post was inspired by House of Humble's 10 good things post. I absolutely love their blog and love this reminder to appreciate the good things in your day. I can be one to forget to pay attention to the little things and let stress and uncertainty totally take over. This is a fun way to spend a little time appreciating daily joys.
Having home cooked leftovers for lunch always makes me happy! (Recipe found on Pinterest)
A pile of new handmade toys to add to my shop. It's always so rewarding to see my hard work and love turn into something more than an idea.
Today's totally cloud free blue sky after days of clouds and haze.
Making progress on a blanket I've been crocheting.
Coffee and letter writing to pen pals.
Working hard to accomplish my goals.
A sweet reminder appreciate the day.

Humble Carnival Update

Check it out, blogging 2 days in a row!! Watch out now, I'm on a roll!
So that update I was talking about yesterday? Yeah... well I decided to add it today instead. I've been working on it for so long and I'm just ready to post what I have completed.
 This little bunny is Bette. She is the newest addition to my on going Carnival Collection.
I've been working on her for what feels like forever, I started her in California, did the legs in Arizona, the head while sitting on a Amtrak traveling across the county and finally completed her a few days ago here in NY. She's a well traveled rabbit haahaa!
I added a handful of new Humble Toys too!
Pop over and visit my shop, I'd loove to hear what you think of my newest additions!