February 23, 2012

Hello there!!

Hello! And welcome to the Humble Carnival!!
The Dancing Bears - Embroidery Hoop

The Bee - Embroidery Hoop

Mini Bow Tie Brooches - All Packed Up

The Humble Carnival is my little collection of all sorts of handmade items all with a vintage carnival/whimsical theme. I have been working my little fingers very hard and am so close to being where I want to be to open up shop. I can't wait to share more pictures here with you! My goal for this blog is to post all things related to The Humble Carnival as well as DIYs, inspirations, ideas, and any other little bits of lovely. Much more to come very soon!!


  1. Oh these are just so darling!

    xo Jenny

    1. Thank you!! I have a few more that I plan to share in a few days!